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Respicon Food Ingredients provides your solutions for tomorrow's food.
We supply high-quality culinary and functional ingredients, compounds and taste enhancers for the food industry. We also offer tailor-made solutions on request for retail and foodservice. We care a great deal about the environment and about people, which is why we run our business with respect for nature and for humanity.

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Many NPD people know the feeling. The moment you lose inspiration for new ideas or ingredients. Or when you technically can not solve an issue. In that case, contact Respicon and we will be glad to assist you with your projects.


"The quality and service of Respicon is really what we need. Compared to other ingredient suppliers, the overall performance is way better than average. The people are real professionals and they are very reliable."

Quote: A Purchase manager of a sauce manufacturing company in the Netherlands, buying specialty ingredients from Respicon since 2017.


The people are real professionals

Our esteemed relations speak


"I met with Respicons people at the Anuga in 2017 and I was impressed by the dynamics of the company. We planned a meeting within 2 weeks after and started to work together on 3 challenging projects I was struggling with for a while. Long story short, we developed some fantastic products together."

Quote: A NPD manager of a ready meal manufacturing company in Belgium, buying compound ingredients at Respicon since early 2018.


We developed some fantastic products together

Our esteemed relations speak



Our certification

Respicon Food Ingredients BV is IFS Broker Higher level certified. Our team is very proud of this achievement and is working daily to maintain this high standard.


We work on Future Food


Your idea factory

Respicon Food Ingredients BV is seen by clients as reliable and creative. We are your partner in finding solutions. For inspirations and innovative ideas, please contact us. We are your idea factory.


We act immediately or even before


We respond immediately to evolving market demands

Today's consumers are conscious and demanding. It is a great challenge for food companies to stay of interest for their clients. We offer solutions in various aspects. We respond immediately to evolving market demands, or even respond before.